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In the ever-evolving world of video, we focus on what you need, when you need it, in the way you need it. Without compromising on quality, monetisation or cost, on every screen.


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Hosting & Streaming

Full AVOD suite, 100% free infrastructure

We understand the risks of high CDN & hosting costs, vendor locks and platform exclusivity, and have designed our business with this in mind. Our AVOD solution works on pure revenue share, meaning zero OPEX or CAPEX to you.

Your success is our success.



Keep your audiences engaged with iVideoSense

We increase your video view conversions and play-length through NLP and AI powered technology.

Natural Language Processing

Our recommendation engine auto-suggests the most contextually relevant video on a per-page-load based on assessing the page content and matching it with your video library meta-data.*

Articificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Where there are cookies, our engine can also choose personally relevant videos on a per-page-load and unique per-viewer basis, to maximise video views.*

Or simply tag the appropriate video when you know what you want to be played.


Monetising video is no easy task

With iVS you need not compromise. Bring your own advertiser demand by plugging in your direct sales, networks & SSP partners – and benefit from iVS activating additional ad revenues from day one.

Our player is header-bidding enabled and supports VAST/VPAID integrations through a smart tag management system. Plus, we provide round-the-clock ad ops support and work directly with most leading technology partners to trouble shoot fast.


Our Player Formats

All our players automatically adjusts video quality based on network speed, to minimise load time.

Standard Player

Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


With Playlist

You can enable the Playlist feature on our Standard Player, which will can be customised to sit below the player, horizontally next to the player or also within the player upon hovering on the iFrame. The Playlist is supported by our NLP & AI recommendation engine and will automatically select the most relevant videos to play next.


iVideo Stories

iVideoStories offers a click-to-play experience that starts with a thumbnail and some text. Upon click, it will expand into an overlay video that takes over the browser window, as a more single-minded video experience. Great for those pages where you want to provide a dedicated premium opt-in video experience.


Floating Corner

Our Floating Corner Player will appear after a video has started to play in-read and a user scrolls away. It can be muted and closed on user request. It works for mobile but the best experience is of course on a big screen.

Secret Tip: combine the Floating Corner Player on desktop with the Sticky Header on Mobile.


Sticky Header

Our Sticky Header Player will stick to the top of the browser window when a video has started to play in-read and a user scrolls down. It can be muted and closed on user request and has room for captions and links.

Secret Tip: combine the Sticky Header on mobile with the Floating Corner Player on desktop.


Outstream Player

Our Outstream Player is simply that – a great outstream player with optimal UX, connected to our ad tech. Plug in additional demand sources via tags or our header bidder set up and benefit from additional revenue from iVS. The player appears and expands only if there is an ad and collapses after the ad has played.



Deliver, Engage & Monetise


State-of-the-art, self-adjusting player, which auto-selects your most relevant videos at page-load – or choose yourself.


CMS driven video content exchange with automated ingestion of videos from major platforms (i.e. YouTube)


Interactive smart widget with modular functionality like hot-spots, in-roll banners or brand-lift surveys.


Create instant monetisable video content, using headlines and article photos on landing pages.


Bespoke ad tech including ad server, header bidding, tag mediation, data management and increased demand.


Take advantage of economies of scale in cloud-hosting and CDN through competitive pricing or pure rev share model.

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