Publisher Performance Dashboard Privacy Policy Terms

Who is requesting Google user data?
We are IVS, providing video delivery services at scale without compromise. IVS video player and management platform improves performance while lowering the costs of delivery for publishers and advertisers. We provide “Publisher Performance Dashboard” from data studio by using connectors to establish API connection between our data source and Google data studio.

What data are we requesting?
IVS connector app collects only email address. Users have to authorize the app to create an external API connection with your email to IVS data source. Once authorized we create an API key, Organization key, access token to retrieve data and display over to the dashboard. With the established secured connection users will only be able to see their organization data with IVS. The IVS connector app doesn’t collect any additional information apart from email. The authorization is to connect to an external source to retrieve your information of metrics with IVS.

IVS do not store or share your data with others, we just take your authorization to generate a API token to retrieve your organizational data with us.

Why are we requesting Google user data?
This is a Google data studio based dashboard, the user is provided with their organizational data. Connectors are established to retrieve user’s data to “Publisher Performance Dashboard” from our data sources. Connector allows retrieval of data from IVS dashboards based on email addresses. To access the data User’s need to authorize their email address with the connectors to establish an API connection and retrieve only their organization data.

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